Me No Habla: <i>Casa de mi Padre</i> Full Trailer

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Me No Habla: Casa de mi Padre Full Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | January 16, 2012 | Comments ()


I have a lovely family member who after taking many years of Spanish language courses likes to say the occasional sentence in Spanish. As my only proper education in the fine Spanish language was a semester when I was eight, I tend to reply quite reasonably with "me no habla, butthead." The response is inevitably "the right way to say it is 'yo no hablo'". My contention is that it makes no sense to say that you don't speak a language in the proper grammar of that language.

That repeated exchange is what Will Ferrel's new vehicle Casa de mi Padre reminds me of, except that it will be a couple of hours long instead of a couple of sentences. Here's the new trailer, complete with Ron Swanson speaking American for those of us who are uncultured:

Get it? He's speaking Spanish! Yeah, I kept waiting for there to be something actually funny to happen too. But at least Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite is getting work again.

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