"Love, Wedding, Marraige" Trailer: Stop Embarrassing Your Husband, Mandy Moore

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | April 13, 2011 | Comments ()


You get the feeling that there's much more to Mandy Moore than both her pop-singing career and her disastrous movie career has suggested so far. Why, otherwise, would TK have a lady-crush on her? And why would Ryan Adams -- one of the best singer/songwriters around -- marry a pop princess? Other than the fact that they make a great singing duo?

I got nothing against Moore myself. She doesn't make good movies, and she's not even a particularly good actress. But she's likable. And sweet. And I'd like her to do well. I just wish she'd stop making these bland, homogeneous script-software written joyless romantic comedies (although, she's definitely worth catching in the mostly unseen, completely forgotten Billy Crudup indie romance, Dedication). Love, Wedding, Marriage looks to be the latest embarrassment to her career, and it's not doing any favors to her image. And, damnit, you have to protect the image of your spouse. That's why I stopped using so many erection metaphors when my own began practicing law in front of local judges. Also, because I ran out.

Here's the trailer for Love, Wedding, Marriage.

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