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Look, Pants! New Immortals Trailer Crushes Those Nasty Comparisons To The Banana Hammock Sausagefest That Was 300

By Joanna Robinson | Trailers | August 16, 2011 | Comments ()

Fine, things look a little steamy between Henry Cavill (Theseus) and Luke Evans (Zeus, emmm, technically uncle to Thesesus), and okay, sure, the pants look like they're quickly exchanged for a Greece-y kilt and greasier thighs. And was that a jauntier version of the Inception foghorn towards the end of the trailer? But, still, I have faith. Faith in Singh and faith in Mickey Rourke (lalalalalala, Iron Man 2? I can't hear yoooou). I have faith that the Twilight kid as Poseidon (technically Theseus's father) won't be given too many lines. I have faith that the luminous Freida Pinto might be worth the price of admission alone. I have a lingering fondness for Stephen Dorff can either be blamed on Blade or that one Aerosmith video. And, honestly, the godly smack downs look phenomenal. Athena is chewing *ss up there and Ares' spiky helm is made for evisceratin'. So, yeah, I'm excited. Deal with it. Film opens November 11th.

Oh, and if you've never watched Jim Henson's delightful "The Storyteller" series, you're missing out. The dog is voiced by Brian Henson at his Hoggle-iest and John Hurt eats nitwits like Shelley Duvall for breakfast. Here's a little taste.

Joanna Robinson is looking forward to having her hopes dashed. . .again. It never gets old.

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