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Cavemen vs. Prehistoric Time Travelers

The Ultimate Comedic Teaser Spot Suck Off/ Dustin Rowles

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Here’s another quickie teaser suck-off, this time featuring two comedies that take place way back in the day. In one corner we have Will Ferrell’s Land of the Lost, where he and his crew travel back in time and confront dinosaurs. Will Ferrells appear to be doing the same schtick he’s always done, only he’s doing it in a different era. It gets a big boo from me. In the other corner: An extended scene from Year One, directed by Harold Ramis and starring Michael Cera, Jack Black, Paul Rudd, and David Cross. And eek: If this is the very best scene they could pull from the movie for a two minute Super Bowl spot, I think they just wasted several million dollars. Not an absolute failure (David Cross is amusing, and Paul Rudd wins merely for his presence), but again: I’m not feeling it.

Check them out, and offer up your opinions. I’m sure some studio marketing people are checking the blogs today to see what the reception is:

Land of the Lost

Year One

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