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I’d seen the trailer for Alex Proyas’ (I, Robot, The Crow) next film, Knowing, at the theater so many goddamn times, I’d just assumed I’d posted it here out of some sort of misery-love-company solidarity plea. But apparently, I had not. I probably don’t have to say anything other than “Nic Cage” to either 1) guarantee that you won’t watch it, or 2) prove that you’re a goddamn masochist. The first trailer, which I won’t bother you with, made the film look terrible. The second trailer, just released, actually makes it look worse. My problems: 1) It’s a dark premise, but the film looks too well lit; 2) you can already tell the plot is all over the place and the signature Proyas shots in the trailer look completely out of place; 3) I bet it’ll be PG-13; 4) I wanna kick that kid down a mall escalator; and 5) there are “whisper people,” and 6) Nic Cage close-ups. Guh.

Including Proyas, there are five screenwriters. The trailer looks like at least five other movies stuck together and left over night to congeal:

Tomorrow, Somewhere on the Planet, 81 People Are Going to Die

Let One Be Me / Dustin Rowles

Trailers | December 16, 2008 | Comments ()

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