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Kick-Ass 2 Clip Hollow and Uninspired

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | April 22, 2013 |

Yes, the English language is a gorgeous chaotic thing, an ever evolving living organism. But just because the language is alive doesn't mean you can grind its thumb into its eye and pretend it's interpretive dance.

Oh and the clip itself, my goodness it's labelled NSFW, those magical words that promise blood and bare bosoms. I know I just get the vapors anytime I see that sinful promise of a video being not-suitable for work. And then the vapors turn to seething disappointment when there is nothing of the sort within the video, nothing but a half glimpsed spray of blood from a wound.

But sir! The refrain always goes. Are you saying that a poor gent being stabbed in the ocular cavity is suitable for a work environment? No, I'm saying that a half second of red spray isn't egregiously more unsuitable for a work environment than the fact that I'm watching a clip from a movie at work in the first place. That NSFW tag is a sacred promise, and a promise broken more often than not in these sad latter days.

Finally, we get to the video itself:

Well that just feels like the painful climactic fight scene that you stumble across in fifteen years on TBS, and struggle to identify which of the series it came from. You watch for five minutes and then flip on, suddenly bored by all the sound and fury that ultimately has neither dramatic nor comedic value.

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