It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature: The Prototype Trailer
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It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature: The Prototype Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | June 27, 2012 | Comments ()


There's something fantastic about low budget science fiction coming from directors with little experience under the belts. They can certainly be crap, but even the ones that are tend to go down swinging, taking risks and doing things differently even if they don't work out. It's like inexperienced directors don't know yet what they're not supposed to do, so they have more freedom to forge new directions. Andrew Will, whose most interesting IMDB experience before this point was as a production assistant on the second unit for Star Trek, got to write and direct The Prototype.

Here's the trailer:

The look of the prototype itself is fantastic, and even though you can tell it's being accomplished by a guy in a rubber suit, that doesn't quite detract from its appeal: the lean not-quite anatomically correct muscles twining around limbs, the loping movement that's graceful but inhuman, the bug-eyed empty gaze.

There's story there too, which is always nice, though not always apparent in trailers. Kind of a Frankenstein crossed with Old Man's War sort of vibe. Although I couldn't help hoping someone would yell "Johnny Five is Alive!" And though I inwardly cringed at the overhead shot of that Los Angeles building with the star-shaped top that every damned movie set in LA has to coast over at night at least once, the contemporary, near-future setting works for it.

The Prototype is slated for a release in 2013, though I cannot tell you how close it makes me to not wanting to live on this planet anymore that searching for "The Prototype" on the Google brings up a bunch of results about John Cena before anything else. Look Google, I learned more about professional wrestling this morning than I did in fourth grade when I asked that violent kid with a mullet why the Hulk on his lunch box wasn't green. Don't make me use Bing.

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  • I_Sell_Books

    This had me at Neal McDonough! Also, it looks fantastic. With a hint of the style of music from Moon, too.

  • googergieger

    The Prototype video game sucked. This is based on that right(or both are based on a book/comic?)? Also yes before John Cena had his Vanilla Icee gimmick and became universally known as the man who made wrestling uncool again, he was in FCW under a gimmick of a robot, because...I don't know. I honestly have no clue. Better than his superman gimmick. Holy shit I'm the worlds biggest nerd. And that's why they love me. Well not love. Tolerate occasionally? And in some ways that is the same thing, if not better.

  • Ben

    The game is Prototype, no The. Completly different story and concept. The video game is all biological super powers and a virus infecting new york. Nothing like this.

  • googergieger

    Oh right I'm thinking of another game. Actually I heard prototype was a fun game I had no interest in playing. I'm thinking of that Singular game or whatever it was called. Either way I'm still waiting on Iron Sky and Stoker. Kind of it as far as movies go. At least this year.

  • hapl0

    I was game until they showed his human head wearing a helmet ala Robocop.

    Would have been way more interesting if he transferred his consciousness into a robot than what we have here.

    And the fish dude design from Hellboy is another misstep. How can you not come up with something else?

    But it's hard to resist the District 9 vibe so...I don't know.

  • pissant

    I'm down. It will probably have some poor acting and wooden dialogue, but I'd imagine we'll see glimpses of some interesting, uh...stuff? I gotta say though, after seeing it remove a bullet from its "abdomen", right after seeing it run at those guys and blocking their bullets with its forearms I could only hear Chris Rock saying, "Why don't they make the whole damn plane the black box?!".

  • Vivianne ValdeMar

    I thought it was a tracking chip, not a bullet?
    I could be wrong though...

  • Mijo

    I read somewhere else that the same company that produced Act of Valor are producing this and its not a real movie yet but they are trying to get it made with this trailer. But what Pajiba says goes.

  • Luke


  • Uriah_Creep

    Didn't he get "disarmed"?

  • Seriously. I could watch that guy read the newspaper.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Hey, Abe Sapien went goth & got a movie. Good for him. No reason the big guy should always be the lead.

  • emmelemm


  • ,

    I may have found my next "District 9."

    Though I almost quit after "He's around here somewhere ... I can feel it."

  • ccmontgom

    Same here... how does that line end up in a final script/movie?

  • Lotney

    That was exactly when I stopped caring...

  • NateMan

    So, THE PROTOTYPE movie: dick scientist creates anti-hero robot that goes out of control, wears a gray hoodie under a black jacket while running around a city with preternatural grace with black-ops soldiers chasing it, has blades which comes out of its arms, sneaks out of the darkness to kill people, and struggles with its humanity (at a guess).

    Whereas PROTOTYPE the PS3 game, which came out several years ago, features a dick scientist that creates a virus which becomes an out of control anti-hero, wears a gray hoodie under a black jacket while running around a city with preternatural grace, with black ops soldiers chasing him, with blades that come out of his arms, while he sneaks around killing people, and struggles with his humanity.

    Please tell me they at least admit the connection and similarity. They took the game, which admittedly lacked in plot areas, turned the virus into a robot, and made it live action. The only real difference appears to be the lack of other infected\robots roaming around.

    I mean, compare the top screenshot to this one:

    The scene where the blade comes out of the robot's wrist with:

    Look of the robot\men chasing him with Blackwatch soldier from the game:

    There's a limit to how much can be copied, so I hope this is somehow a movie version of the game or something.

  • pissant

    Oh, come on. Those similarities are only skin deep (and the second one is specious, at best). This movie seems to be about technological singularity, which I do not believe was the focus of the Prototype video game.

  • Jezzer

    When I saw the header pic, the first thing I thought was, "Why is Alex Mercer wearing that goofy mask?" so it's not just you, NateMan and Forbiddendonut. Lawsuits have been waged and won over fewer similarities than these.

  • NateMan

    Dude, the only visible difference is robot vs. virus. As far as the 2nd one being specious, sure, it's only vaguely similar. I mean, it's not like the pause screen on the video above, where it shows razors coming out of his fingers, is anything like another weapon the character in the game had...

    Well... Shit. Okay, but it's not like the ropy-muscle like substance his body appears to be made of is in any way similar to the tendrils and armor Alex Mercer was often surrounded by...

    ... DAMMIT

    Seriously. It's got the same title, same look, and half the same plot. It's the Transmorphers of Prototype.

  • Green Lantern

    Point for the Transmorphers reference.

  • Forbiddendonut

    I am glad I am not the only one who thought this. When I saw first saw the post, I thought "Huh, well that's kind of a random video game to make a moive about."

  • Ender


  • Rocabarra

    So that's where Benjen Stark ended up after he disappeared beyond the wall...

  • Jerce

    Don’t make me use Bing.

    DuckDuckGo, man, DuckDuckGo.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Wow. Thanks for that.

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