It's Gonna Be Hell On Wheel

By Adam Lyon | Trailers | May 4, 2010 | Comments ()


Quick! Name some "Inanimate Objects Attack Their Owner" films. OK, you've got Child's Play. But creepy dolls are basically a cliche. Did I hear Christine? Because if you said Christine then I have got a treat for you.

Instead of 2 tons of Detroit Steel, we've got 20 pounds of ... Rubber.

It's the tale of a vengeful Tire that goes by the name of Robert. Got that? Moving on!
See, Robbie discovered a pile of burning tires and then decided, according to French director Quentin Dupieux, "to avenge his people by blowing people's heads... like tires."

That weirdness aside, I'm a little disappointed that he was sentient before the tire fire. For some reason I prefer the idea that he was awakened as some kind of avenging spirit for tires everywhere.

Here's the trailer.

Oh man! How are we going to stop that!? A bullet? Well, either that or a particularly steep incline. Or some broken glass. Or knocking it on its side.

Come on Pajibans, it's called Rubber. I'm sure you've already have a dozen dirty jokes for this.

(Via Slashfilm)

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