Is Burlesque the Biggest Studio Film Ever to Pander to Gays?

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | September 30, 2010 | Comments ()


You don't pull the nearly 65-year-old Cher out of semi-retirement from acting (she hasn't made a feature in seven years, and hasn't played a character other than herself on the big screen in 14 years) unless you have one very specific target audience in mind. Add to that the gayest straight character actor in the business (Alan Cumming), gay icon Christina Aguilera as the lead, and sexually confused Kristen Bell, and you've got yourself a movie that seems to be transparently pandering to the gay audience. But will they care? It's nice to be pandered to, and the history of movies hasn't offered a lot of opportunities for this audience, so you have to consider it progress, right?

But, speaking as a straight man who professes to the occasional man crush, what Burlesque really needs is more Ryan Reynolds and a lot less Cam Gigandet.

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