Iron Men with Wooden Teeth: 'Turn' Trailer

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Iron Men with Wooden Teeth: 'Turn' Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | January 16, 2014 | Comments ()


In light of yesterday’s less than positive news regarding NBC and their nefarious plans for the sweetest of comic books, it only makes sense that the universe give you something to be happy about today. Not because the universe likes you, or has any sense of fairness, but because it knows that making you a little bit happy now and then gives you hope, and it’s so much more delicious to squeeze the hope out of someone than to just stomp one more time on someone who has completely given up. Go ahead and relay that to your therapist, I’m sure that’s sufficiently nihilistic to get you the happy pills for another month.

We showed the first teaser for AMC’s new series Turn back in December, and it was wonderful if far too brief.

But now we are properly in the year the show will debut, and therefore we deserve a full trailer:

Here’s the obligatory plot summary once again:

“Turn” is a spy thriller set during the American Revolutionary War. Based on remarkable new research featured in the book “Washington’s Spies,” by Alexander Rose, it tells the untold story of America’s first spies. “Turn” follows Abe Woodhull (Jamie Bell), a farmer living behind enemy lines in British-occupied Long Island, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely team of secret agents who would help turn the tide of the war in favor of the Rebels. Their daring efforts also revolutionized the art of espionage, giving birth to modern tradecraft as we know it today, along with all of the moral complexity that entails.

Need a poem to get excited? We’ve got that too.

Take your Draper, jonesing for a new young sheathe.
And I’ll grant you Walt, baking that blue rock of Lethe.
And sure, Saul’s coming too, plotting from beneath.
But me? I’m waiting for the iron men with wooden teeth.

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  • Miss Jane

    "Just because you are a "bad guy", doesn't mean you have to be a bad...guy."

    I hope they don't make the British cartoonishly evil, because the promos suggested that's what they were doing and it just made me bored -- something a promos not supposed to do.

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Then again, if you read your history the Redcoats were pretty "cartoonishly evil"to their colonies from the mid 1700s' up until the late 1800's. There were a few more "cartoonishly evil" actions against India and a few others until the second world war, but let's face it, Britain ruled with an iron fist.

    Though no one does "cartoonishly evil" like the Belgians in Africa. Read about the rubber quotas and the FP in Belgian Congo, it's so outlandish that it feels hard to make up. They famously cut off hands to show that they hadn't wasted bullets in slaughtering villages.

    And I am totally going to use the term "cartoonishly evil" at work today - love it.

  • Intrigued. Then again, AMC's fooled me twice already with The Killing and Low Winter Sun. So I'll be cautiously intrigued.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    looooks sooooo gooood.

    (nice jawline, Jamie Bell!)

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