Intruders Teaser Trailer: Lose The Creepy Kid, Pack Your Sh*t, And Leave

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I like Clive Owen, I really do. I've enjoyed him in everything I've seen him in, even if not all of those things were very good. But a haunted house movie? Really? I'm just getting a little bored with the genre, especially when it's tied into a story about one of the family's kids. Seriously, just pack your shit and move, people. To borrow a bit from Eddie Murphy's Delirious -- I love my house, the yard is beautiful, the decorations are lovely, but the second some shit starts moving on its own or shadows start doing funky things or I hear voices? We are dunzo. I'll be out of there faster than you can say "get the fuck out."

Anyway, here's the trailer for Intruders. It's a teaser, really, basically sixty seconds of spooky shit, followed by an annoying clusterfuck of imagery crammed into about 3 seconds of dizzily over-edited flashes. I admit, the trailer really did nothing for me, but who knows. It's directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later), who is also supposed to direct the remake of The Crow, if that movie can ever get out of legal hell.


(The Playlist, via Empire)

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