I Will Walk Over Your Cold Corpses: <i>Star Trek Into Darkness</i> Trailer
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I Will Walk Over Your Cold Corpses: Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | March 21, 2013 | Comments ()


Star Trek Into Darkness has a new international trailer that has enough new footage in it to essentially be a new trailer entirely. I expect we'll be seeing versions similar to it on American television soon enough. And this looks fantastic. I'll get my words out of the way and just point to the trailer:

There is no one in the world better at this point at condescending gravel voiced superiority than Benedict Cumberbatch. And the funny thing is, that for much of the trailer his voice was reminding me of Patrick Stewart, of Picard's low intonations in the very darkest of times, when the diplomat would slowly boil into a cold and quiet fury that was all the more terrible than anything shouted in rage.

The trailer feels at a lot of points like Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock, with the references of going rogue out of uniform, and the familiar sight of the Enterprise plunging from orbit in flames.

And the more I see of the film, and especially given the efforts to keep plot points secret, the more I think that Cumberbatch's character is going to end up being on the side of the angels, no matter how wrong his techniques were. I have this idea that he is trying to wake the Federation up, that his actions are not the real threat, that he is the Cassandra trying to get them to wake up to something much worse. Perhaps the Borg, perhaps something new. But likely, whatever it is will be in the third film anyway.

The other thought I have is that the character reminds me more of the Mule from Asimov's Foundation series than anything else. The singular individual who can break empires.

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  • Phil K

    Just thought - maybe the "Dark Mirror" universe for the next one. The Galactic Empire Enterprise versus the Federation Enterprise ?

  • Phil K

    The Mule ! God yes. That takes me back. Mind reader defeated by a lady. Rather like the tale of the unicorn (God I'm off...)
    My fellow Brit Benedict stole the show, and his faultless portrayal is bound to have him brought back....he and his fellow 72 crew mates perhaps ?
    Who's next for Kirk Spock and co ? (Simon Pegg was much better this time too) The Klingons no doubt, or the Borg. But in the other timeline they were out of range of the Federation until 100 years or so after Kirk. That SHOULDN'T be considered. But it will......

  • PerpetualIntern

    "I am better...than everything."

    Yes you are, Benedict. Yes, you are.

  • Bernie

    If you are going to have a lady in her kickers then you should have a man in his skivvies. Otherwise your trailer just gets a mark down for gross. And the kinda upskirt when the bridge was being attacked was skeevy as well.

  • logan

    I'm not gonna watch it because i dont wanna spoil the movie! Reading these comments I dont know if the trailer is good or not since all the wimmen want to latch the Cumberbatch.

  • Noo

    This woman wants to watch Karl Urban more than Benedict

  • BEK

    "I may be on the side of angels, but never think that I am one of them."
    BENNY!!! I can't wait for this!!! He's MINE!!! NOBODY TOUCH HIM!!!

  • Lauren_Lauren

    "There is no one in the world better at this point at condescending gravel voiced superiority than Benedict Cumberbatch."

    Alan Rickman would like . . . to have . . . a word . . . with you.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Doesn't Cumberbatch do a great Rickman impression? Full circle.

  • Mike D

    The blond chick in the bra is Dr. Carol Marcus, from Wrath, and mother of Kirk's alternate timeline son. So maybe we get a little Kirk conception in this one? Either way, definite hat tip to Wrath.

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Cumberbatch appears to be chewing scenery with abandon. Did he go to the Jack Nicholson school now that he's arrived in LA?

  • CosmoNewanda

    I'm ready to be assaulted by inhuman amounts of lens flare just to see Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch on the same screen. However, just hearing Cumberbatch say "I'm better at everything," almost turned me into a twitching pile of goo. I don't know if I could survive a whole movie.

  • Allijo

    My Cumbercrush didn't not need that extra oxygen. It is now a raging Cumberfire.

  • Sherry

    Aside from the obvious fact that Cumberbatch is going to be awesome as the villain (or "villain"?), can we address the fact that C. Pine owns the character of Kirk? He IS the swagger. (And the pretty, pretty blue eyes. No, no, stay on task...) I am so looking forward to this one.

  • Louise


  • stardust

    I never thought I'd be excited for a JJ Abrams movie, but here we are. If I weren't too busy jumping up and down, I'd feel betrayed by my own fickle feelings.

    Also, I'll admit it. Cumberbatch looks just the teensiest bit attractive in this. It's the dark hair and unhinged character. Apparently, I have a type. Who knew.

  • Eve

    I tried to come up with something witty and/or funny to say, then I remembered every Cumberbatch-related thought I have nowadays is simply UNPRINTABLE and gave up.

  • crispin

    It's now been confirmed. Cumberbatch is playing Joey Zasa.

  • sean

    Yes, and Peter Weller is the real bad guy. You don't hire Robocop for no reason.

  • Professor Sara

    For a movie with "darkness" in the title, that's a lot of lens flare.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Maybe it's ironic lens flare. We'll know for sure if the lens flare gets really narrow because skinny jeans are the new thing. Or if the lens flare occurs only with some kind of indie soundtrack backing it, because the flare was totally into them before they were popular.

  • dangeruss


  • Green Lantern

    Okay. I'm ready to watch this movie now.


  • PDamian

    Good grief, that man is sex on the hoof. First Sherlock hooked me, then I watched Parade's End on HBO, and now this. My lions are moistened and roaring.

  • Charismatic, pretty actors and actresses, menacing plot? Perhaps the only proper response is Alice Eve in her underwear and Cumberbatch voice-overs. It's like having Eggs Benedict for breakfast with Ms Eve.

  • bleujayone

    Technically, no terrorist really does what they do simply because they're "EEEE-VIL...Muwahhahahaaha". Every one of them have ends that they feel justify the horrific means. That in itself can make anything done by cinematic baddies into perhaps understandable tactics. Still, I suppose it would be perhaps a little better if movies didn't always show their antagonists to be quite so gleeful in getting their hands dirty. I find it far more compelling if a character can honestly attempt to defend their motives and actions- even if they're ultimately wrong.

    For example, in STII:The Wrath of Khan, Khan wanted revenge not for Kirk defeating or even leaving him and his followers on a planet but that it was turned into a wasteland due to a cosmic upheaval and nobody ever came back to check in on them or rescue them. Many of his people died including his beloved wife. Needless to say Khan took being forgotten and left to the elements rather personally. It was simple and primitive, but you could understand the grief he had motivating him. I'd like to think that when Khan stole Genesis, for a brief moment he considered just taking it and going off to build the planet paradise he and his people were denied before being overwhelmed with hubris and the thirst for revenge.

    Now perhaps this movie's villain really does have other more sympathetic reasons that are driving him, but for now, he's being depicted as just being a giant douchebag. There's a lot of posturing and growling, hints at vendettas and bullying stances...but little else. I'm not saying they need to blow the entire plot, but c'mon- at least suggest that there's something more behind what he's doing apart from making things go BOOM! Is he doing this to prove that the Federation isn't prepared to defend itself if a real threat should ever come around? Is he trying to root out internal corruption that he feels will lead Earth to ruination? Is he just pissed off they don't serve enough rice pudding? What? They have to throw us a bone beyond some proverbial mustache twirling. Our heroes can only be as good as their adversaries and I would really like this one to be complex and layered with shades of grey. Time will tell, but as of yet the trailers have not.

  • Carlito

    When has JJ Abrams ever been forthcoming about plot intricacies pre-release? It's not likely to stop you, or most anyone else, from seeing the movie, right?

    I'd much rather they tease that he was a top agent who turned for someone unknown reason or justification that I have yet to discover (but definitely want to know when I see it) than feed me vital plot points in a trailer as a plot summary instead of a trailer as teaser.

  • disqus_Pl9UYbLieK

    It amazes me how someone with such sibilant S sounds could still sound so menacing. "I will walk over your cold corptheth."

  • Strand

    That's a great thumbnail. I'm getting Ozymandias-esque ubermensch vibes from Cumberbatch. But oohhh that voice, he can pour it over me like melted chocolate.

  • sean

    Oh, now you bring up Ozymandias. With an actor that would have actually been much better at the role than the pretty boy hired.

  • kirivinokur

    I can't wait for Cumberbatch to star in a Nicholas Sparks movie with Katemanda Hudseyfried!

  • damnitjanet

    Splooged. Panties.

  • theotherone


  • MissAmynae

    and mine!!! fuckity fuckity fuck, take me, ahem, it now!!

  • Perhaps the Borg, perhaps something new. But likely, whatever it is will be in the third film anyway. ...WWW.Makecash65dollareveryhouronthecomputer.qr.net/j6Yk

  • Stephen Nein

    Speaking of the fucking borg . . . bloody fucking spammers . .

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

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  • BWeaves

    Oh, and bras and hip hugger panties still exist in the future? And in space?

    Come on. Nobody needs a bra in zero gravity. And even 1960's astronauts wore diapers.

    Given that the shape of boobs changes every 20 years, I'm surprised that she has old fashioned 20-teens boobs.

  • sean

    Alice Eve needs a bra. Those are quite a handful. And in Starfleet, you have to worry about the inertial dampeners failing.

  • jthomas666

    I'm surprised and grateful.

  • Artificial gravity continues the war against permanent perkiness into the future.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I am convinced, however, that there is an entire department at, like, CERN of the Star Trek future, that studies nothing but how to create some kind of mammary-discriminating anti-gravity that solves this problem.

    Of course, then there will be some kind of top bra to keep them from going too high or something. And then cleavage will just be underboob or something. The future is confusing, but also really hot?

  • Mrs. Julien

    There is no one in the world better at this point at condescending gravel voiced superiority than Benedict Cumberbatch.

    So now he SOUNDS like the Dowager Julien, too? I'm getting flashbacks! Plus, she wore capes (seriously CAPES!) that billowed like his coat. In grade 8, my brother forgot an appointment and the Dowager came sweeping down the school hall in her black cape like some deranged Vadar just at the moment he had convinced Kim [redacted] to sit on his lap. I wasn't there and it gives me chills. She was terrifying.

    Also, this is the first time I have ever thought Cumberbatch looked physically attractive.

    I am so confused and scared and confused right now.

    [assuming fetal position in corner]

    So cold...

  • annie

    There there. We all fall for his face eventually. Even if it is totally inexplicable.

  • Mrs. Julien


  • annie

    I thought inbreeding brought your eyes too close together. His are wide apart. Like Sid from Ice Age.

  • Mrs. Julien

    What am I? A geneticist? It's CREEPY!

  • annie

    BUT LOOK AT THAT DIGNIFIED NOSE. EYES SO BLUE. THE CHEEKBONES. Ignore the large forehead and the very strangely shaped mouth. LIPS. AND TALENT. He's made of talent and alabaster skin and a lisp. Wait, ignore that last one.

  • anon

    Meh. I'm more excited about Despicable Me 2.

  • MissAmynae


  • dangeruss

    totally agree.

  • Mrs. Julien

    That's just crazy talk.

  • koko temur

    rarely do i cheer on the "villian" so agressively. HE IS BETTER IN EVERYTHING.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Not the Borg.

    Please let them do something decent with Romulans, or even Gorn or Tholians. Maybe involving something completely new, for a change.

  • BlackRabbit

    YES. The Gorn! My most favorite. And Bumbersnatch's hair looked off in that trailer, too flippy. That aside, I am pleased to see Peter Weller in it as well. He's good. (Screamers!)

  • Haughie

    Now I want to see dumber batch as the mule in a foundation movie.

  • Caro2000

    Nice reference to the Mule -- definitely my favorite character from the Foundation series.

  • annie

    From what I've heard in interviews from JJ and Cumberbatch, you're on the nose there. Hes a terrorist but with rationally understandable intentions.

    I'd hit it, angels or no. Come on. That steely gaze, that voice.

  • BWeaves

    splody! and Victoria Secret underwear models.

    Can't they just quietly explore the universe and solve little local problems, like they used to?

    Why does every damn movie have to be about saving the world, or the universe?

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I'm pretty sure Victoria's Secret would look at Alice Eve and be all, "Nice, honey, but could you lose ten or twenty pounds?" Because fuck Victoria's Secret.

    I take your broader point, however. But as a partial counter, I submit-- BOOBS!

  • JJ

    "Like they used to" in the TV series, you mean? Because basically every Star Trek movie has been about saving entire worlds, including and excluding Earth, or star systems or the universe.

  • chanohack

    The first eight or so episodes of the TV series all featured some sort of "space madness," and I would just LOVE IT if they made a movie about it.

    Starring all the original actors. In their original beehives.

  • BWeaves

    Yes, that is what I meant. It bugged me about all the Star Trek movies.

  • Strand

    They don't have the luxury of hundreds of episodes to pace out slowly. We get one movie every few years with hundreds of millions of dollars poured into it just to secure the talent.

    There's no way they'll address small, local issues or have boring away teams. They throw subtlety and slow burn out the window, but we do get some kickass movies.

  • JJ

    Except that's not nearly on a large enough scale to warrant a full feature budget. If you want small, regular adventures, there are at least five different TV shows set in the universe.

  • ,


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