"I do expect it will cease to be divided": First Trailer for Lincoln
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"I do expect it will cease to be divided": First Trailer for Lincoln

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 11, 2012 | Comments ()


I've always been one for the great speeches, for the magic that the spoken word has for shifting the course of men's minds. Speeches are this rare intersection between the island of the individual and the sea of society. The words of a great speech speak straight to your heart and to your mind, moving you as if the speaker is staring straight into your eyes and persuading you and only you. But that's only half the magic. A great speech is also a social experience, a snowballing of your own emotion and passion into the storm of those around you.

At its worst, this brings out the worst of humanity, riling us into mobs that lynch and burn. But at its best, it forges ties, builds a single character out of disparate individuals. We are moved by the words as if they are whispered in our ears, but join hands with everyone around who was moved in the same way.

So when I hear that there is a first teaser for Lincoln, and that it quite naturally is but lines from the Gettysburg Address, I get quite excited. And of course I am disappointed.

This trailer has me conflicted, a house divided against itself, if you will. On the one hand, it nails that mood, that brooding somber tone of a film taking seriously the responsibility of portraying one the great men of history with all the weight of the world on his shoulders. On the other hand, it's a damned trailer advertising when the actual trailer will be released, and spends just as long telling us with a white screen and text about their stupid advertising event as it does showing us anything about the movie.

Oooh! A Google hang out! With Steven Spielberg and JGL! Bless my twisted heart, but I just don't give a damn.

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  • purplejebus

    Fuck the trailer who-ha, I hated his voice. It didn't sound like the voice of the man who led the winners of the civil war. I always imagined Lincoln with a lot more bass.

  • Dragonchild

    Lincoln was very sick when he recited the speech. That was one reason
    it was so short. There's no way of knowing what he sounded like, but as far as THAT speech went, he probably didn't sound like Pavarotti.

  • David Sorenson

    And this is an article about a trailer for a trailer! And if I share it on facebook, I'll make a link to an article about a trailer for a trailer! And somebody else will share my link to an article about a trailer for a trailer making a link to a link about a trailer for a trailer!! And then the world will end, folding down upon the internet like a black hole. A hole so dark that not even porn can escape.

    There's a dirty joke in that last sentence, but I'm far too highbrow to make it.

  • aroorda

    Don't embed them then. I agree that these suck, but the more views a video get the more likely we'll continue getting these pre-previews. The Hollywood executives don't need much encouragement to stop doing their cocaine for ten minutes to high five eachother because their "new media advertising initiatives" are doing so well.

  • twig

    Everyone's taking cues from Squeenix with their countdown to the announcement of the debut of the trailer.

    The next step, of course, is for the movie to not come out for eight years.

  • Maguita NYC

    I have to agree with you Dustin.

    I'm a fangirl for movies, a sucker that gets excited whenever a great trailer promises an enlightened movie experience. But this new "promotional" succession of trailers for trailers for more trailers before finally, the movie trailer, is tiresome.

    And leaves me with no interest to actually want to watch the damn movie.

  • Is it just me, or is this going to eventually be another footnote in the long line of ancient movie promotions on the internet? Kinda like how they used to say "See the Full, Uncensored Trailer on Yahoo.com!"

  • Peter Larson

    I'm going to watch it on my Prodigy dial up connection.

  • Ley

    I'd like to think a Google hangout is something found in one of New York's hottest clubs. And it may have something to do with midgets.

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