I Am Become Death: "Fringe" Finale Trailer
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I Am Become Death: "Fringe" Finale Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | January 16, 2013 | Comments ()


"Fringe" has given us highs both figurative and literal, from universe splitting to Walter home cooking LSD. And there have been distinct lows that have driven many committed fans to abandon the series altogether. The last season, this little half sized stub, has had some plot issues driving me insane, but on an emotional level, the show has never been better, and it has been steadily elevating the tension week after week in anticipation of the end.

The final episode of "Fringe", a double length affair with halves labeled "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate", will be airing on Friday night, in the traditional death slot. Here's the trailer for the finale:

And with that voice over, John Noble emphasizes why he has been the anchor of this show, through all of the terrible experiments like soul magnets and animations about blimps. I know Morgan Freeman is the standard for having a voice so fantastic that you could listen to it reading the phone book, but I think Noble is at least in the conversation.

I just hope that they bring Gene the cow back. I'm pretty sure that she's the architect of every inexplicable event in the series.

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  • Salieri2

    Oh John Noble. I will miss you. Can we somehow put you in a show with Jason Isaacs? He's not busy, right?

  • $2786243

    Does JJ Abrams have a personal problem with sudden nosebleeds or something? (Yes, I know he doesn't write the shows, but it's a repeated theme in Bad Robot joints.)

  • Problems and all, I have loved this show from the beginning. Walter is the heart of it, as well as the mind. I will definitely miss it, but I'm glad they had a chance to finish the series.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I never lost faith in you, Fringe. I'm so glad we get to see the story played out.

    Off tangent, I saw the actor that plays September on Person of Interest and he's gooooood looking. Eyebrows make the man, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Jerce

    Oh, how I have loved The Walter Show these past five seasons. S4 and this last season have been a bit of a letdown--I think the whole 'invasion/occupation' plotline is stupid beyond words--but in the last half of this last season I have regained hope for this series. And the cast are simply staggeringly good, with John Noble in the lead. He shoulda got an Emmy. At least a fucking nomination.

    I'll be watching this Friday night, quite probably with tears in my eyes.

  • Slash

    I will miss Fringe. And yeah, the Noble voice is awesome.

  • John G.

    that header pic is giving me a stroke

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    I agree with l_r above. We very rarely get a show that is just so much into science, I love the unabashed nerdiness of it all. And sure, it has its problems, but overall, after 5 seasons, it's still one of the better shows on TV.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I love Walter, I love this show, I love the characters, God how I love Astrid. We (me) bitch a lot about shows that are taken from us prematurely, but I think getting to see Fringe through has been an unexpected gift. Yes things have gotten weird and frustrating at times, but the relationships of the gang are just the best. OOOOHHHH BROYLES!!! Can't forget Broyles.

    You're right about John Noble too. Which has been the best surprise of the whole show. Who would have thought that he could so effectively anchor the show?

    Also: I want this to be my license plate - CRTXIFN

    Nobody would get it but I would be happy everyday knowing I was the only one in on the joke.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I too love Astro Alex Acid Afro Aphid Astrid.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I can only upvote that once but it deserves so much more.

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