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Sandy Collora is far from a household name -- as of right now, he's best-known for his independently filmed, $30,000 internet film Batman: Dead End. But that's all about to change with the upcoming release of his first full-length feature film, Hunter Prey. The film, according to Collora in an interview with io9.com, "enters around a crew of special forces commandos who must recapture an alien prisoner that has escaped after the military transport ship carrying it crashes on a desolate and hostile planet. There are subtle political and environmental overtones that I certainly don't hit anyone over the head with at all, but that will hopefully make you think about things like war, politics and current events, by presenting them in situations cinematically from a uniquely different perspective."


Well, hell. I'm officially interested. But then, I'm always fascinated by this kind of renegade filmmaker. Collora's Batman film is actually surprisingly good -- hell, at the time Kevin Smith himself called it "possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made." So clearly the guy's got talent. The poster isn't exactly riveting, but the trailer shows great potential for low-budget alien-fighting goodness... or a complete mess.

Hunter Prey teaser

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