Hold the Fava Beans, the Chianti is Here: "Hannibal" Extended Preview

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | March 14, 2013 |


Just once, I wish I could open up a post with “Hannibal” in the title to discover that the project is actually about the original man to make that name famous. The Father of Strategy, the man who brought Rome to its knees. He occupied most of Italy for nearly fifteen years, annihilating every army Rome raised. Always outnumbered, always in enemy territory, and never quite able to win the war despite winning all the battles for a decade and a half. Oh yeah, and there’s this guy we made up who eats people. Let’s make a show about that one instead.

Here’s the extended preview for “Hannibal”:

Okay, so for the first chunk of that, it just feels like a very special episode of “Criminal Minds”, but then it hints at going someplace deeper. It’s the psychological element that will make or break this show.

Of course, I count at least six different people that Will is attempting to resuscitate, so apparently Hannibal is planning it so he always finds them just before they die. Which could be either very intriguing, or it’s just a hilarious artifact of the way that the trailer is cut.

“Hannibal” premieres on April 4th.

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