His Body Abused But His Mind Still Free: Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Trailer
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His Body Abused But His Mind Still Free: Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Trailer

By TK | Trailers | August 19, 2013 | Comments ()


It’s difficult to adequately and accurately describe the cultural and political significance of a man like Nelson Mandela. In South Africa, he’s — he’s everything. He’s Jesus and George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. I cannot think of an equivalent in any other country, of any other man or woman who has had as much of an impact on his country, who has done as much and sacrificed as much. Nelson Mandela is a hero, in the absolute literal sense. And the moment that Idris Elba raised his fist and shouted “AMANDLA!”(Zulu for “POWER”), I started to come apart a little.

This is the trailer for Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, starring Elba as Mandela as well as Naomie Harris as Winnie Mandela, and directed by Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl ). It is an unbelievably bold endeavor, to tell the entirety of his adult life story, beginning with his days as a violent, passionate radical, his complex and tempestuous marriage to Winnie, his 27 years in prison, and ending with his election as president. It looks promising, and I’ve been waiting for a solid movie role for Elba for quite some time. This has the potential to put him on the map far more than his turns in “The Wire,” “Luther,” and Thor.

But of course, I’m nervous, because like I said — the man is one of my few honest-to-goodness living heroes. So to make an entire film about him evokes a lot of feelings among South Africans. Sure, we’ve seen Morgan Freeman and Dennis Haysbert and Clarke Peters play him, but always either supporting roles, or focusing on a specific part of his life. This is the toughest kind of biopic — taking on his entire life, and condensing that remarkable life into a single film. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Nelson Mandela turned 95 years old this year, and his health is failing. Even though we all know it’s coming, when he passes, millions will nonetheless be devastated. So hopefully, this film will be able to do him justice.

Here’s the new trailer.

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  • DeusExMachine

    I hope Idris Elba gets at least an Oscar nomination for this. He's just awesome. He deserves much better roles than the ones he's been getting even if he was in huge budgeted movies like Prometheus and Pacific Rim, they didn't exactly showcase his immeasurable talent and seemingly endless supply of charisma.

  • Inzikuku

    I'm so excited about this, although slightly conflicted about sexy Idris Elba playing Mandela, who is like a kindly, semi divine grandad. South Africa is like my second home (hubby is from there) and I hope that this movie is of the highest quality and wins all the Oscars, as it will mean a lot to people. However the portrayal of Winnie is tricky. While Mandela's book is very kind and loyal to her and she did kick a lot of ass while he was in jail, she ended up to be a dreadful woman. Corrupt, egotistical, with seriously dodgy mates.

  • yocean

    Wow, fucking wow

  • Four Eyes

    Pores raising....This BETTER reach my country!

  • Guest

    I've heard from a friend who's seen it that it's very good and that Elba is incredible in the role but that, even with him being as good as he always is, it is actually Harris as Winnie Mandela who comes through as the stand-out performance. Make of that what you will! I love them both, and I can't wait to see it.

  • Stephen Nein

    TK, you or another Pajiban is South African, right? My memory fails.

  • TK

    I was born there, but live in the US now. My parents and the rest of my family save for a sister and a couple of cousins still live there.

  • Harris K Telemacher

    I am. Or are you referring to writers only?

  • Maguita NYC

    Your words gave me goose bumps, the trailer defeated me completely. I need to watch as soon as it comes out.

  • John W

    If you're looking for a comparison, Mandela is to South Africa what Gandhi is to India.

  • Kate at June

    Trailer played K'naan and then I was hooked.
    Its been years since I've read the book and been in the country. Excited to see what they do with this.

  • Harris K Telemacher

    This looks so shiny. Difficult to put into words how much I hate it.

  • Gunnut2600

    I am very interested in how Winnie Mandela is portrayed. The ANC recognized very early that it was critical to keep Nelson Mandela's image as clean as possible. It was an incredibly smart move. That said, they still needed someone who would do the truly dirty work, and that was Winnie.

    Whole lot of people ended up on the wrong side of Winnie...

  • Kate at June

    Long Walk to Freedom is an autobiography, so I can't image the film version will portray her too poorly.

  • Andrew J Moore

    As a countryman, I'm massively keen for this.

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