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By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | January 21, 2009 |

No kidding: The trailer for Chocolate is full-on retarded, but the girl with the martial arts skills? She’s bad ass. It’s hard to tell, exactly, what’s going on here: The girl, Zin, is autistic. She also loves M&Ms. And she can catch shit thrown at her face, like balls, and chocolate, and … flies. And apparently, she’s absorbed so many martial arts flicks that, when finally faced with an aggressor, girls snaps into a fit of ass-whoopin’. Here’s the trailer for Chocolate:

But, now I’m torn. Which looks like the more fun movie to watch? Chocolate or High Kick Girl? Have you seen the trailer for High Kick Girl? It’s about a girl. And she can kick high. And I know what you’re thinking. How high can she kick? Here’s my one word response: High.

Seriously: Watch it. See for yourself. She kicks really high!

The Girl Who Loves Chocolate vs. the Girl Who Kicks High

Trailer Suck-Off IV / Dustin Rowles

Trailers | January 21, 2009 | Comments ()

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