Here's the Second Best Reason to Watch AMC This Summer

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Here's the Second Best Reason to Watch AMC This Summer

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | March 21, 2013 | Comments ()


Obviously, Breaking Bad is not just the best reason to watch AMC this summer, it's the best reason to watch television this summer, but after a string of middling (Rubicon, Hell On Wheels) to bad (The Killing) dramas, AMC looks like they might get things back on track with "Low Winter Sun." The series stars Mark Strong (!) and Lennie James, and it's being described as a show about "murder, deception, revenge and corruption that starts with the murder of a cop by fellow Detroit detective."

Keep an eye out for David Costabile (Gale from Breaking Bad), too. I don't know if character actors ever really break out, but he is poised to be the next great "that guy."

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  • PatrĂ­cia Costa

    There's a British two-part series from 2006 (Channel 4) called Low Winter Sun, also with Mark Strong on the lead.
    Is this a retelling of that one?

  • lameaim

    Hmmm. Tempted to just re-watch The Shield.

  • drupi

    Costabile was good on 'Damages' s1&2, as well as 'the Wire' s5

  • NorthBy39Steps

    Hopefully the show is better than the trailer, because man did that look extremely bland.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Fuck you, AMC, you give Breaking Bad third billing in the "shows that should convince you that our shows are awesome and this one will also be awesome" listing? The only show of those three that has never sucked is Breaking Bad, but hey, yeah, let's totally put it behind, "Spent 12 Episodes on a Farm: The Series" and "I Don't Even Fucking Know, You Guys, But All This Rain Makes Me Think It Might Be An Adele Song. But Also Sweaters and Billy Campbell?"

  • Shadrach

    Why does Mark Strong get the "!" and not Lennie James?! (!)

  • Mrs. Julien


  • emmelemm

    Have you seen Lennie James (act)?! (!)

  • theunis stofberg

    Mark Strong with hair is what I imagine Lan Mandragoran from the Wheel of Time series to look like. Dreamcasting for sure... how about it HBO. Make the series. It's magic is more consistent and based on principles that make sense than that other series with people that come back from the dead after their throats have been cut. Also the series is finished, and not dependant on a morbidly obese man that finishes one book every five years and probably wont be able to finish the current series before dropping dead. Also pretty sure "A storm is coming" was a thing of that series long before "winter is coming" was ever penned.

  • Brian Merritt

    I enjoy Hell On Wheels. And I'm glad The Killing is coming back.

  • Anderbot

    I actually like Hell on Wheels. But yeah, I guess it was middling compared to all the great TV we've had recently.

    If I haven't seen Rubicon, will Alex S. kill me for it?

  • Mrs. Julien

    A little heavy-handed on the trailer there; HOWEVER, if every year, we can get a TV show with Mark Strong or Jason Isaacs, I'm going to be a happy camper. I won't watch the shows, but I'll know they are out there.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, Richard Armitage is about to be removed from my Pajiba 5. Mark Strong was just too much for him to compete with. Oh Mark, you glorious, bald, autocratic, intense looking bastard! What's that? My stays? You're right, Mark, they do seem especially tight, but don't let them fool you, I'm not as "straight-laced" as I Iook. You'd best loosen them. Why yes, that is a fainting couch. Just throw the antimacassar on the floor, you magnificent pagan beast!

  • lowercase_ryan

    looks goooood.

    Also, lay off The Killing.

  • Alex S.

    Rubicon was not middling you fucking fuck.

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