Haywire Trailer: You're The Pretender, What If I Say That I'll Never Surrender

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Frankly, I don't know where Steven Soderbergh finds the time. One minute he's sitting idly, the next he's got a movie coming out every four minutes. OK, not quite, but didn't we just see the trailer for Contagion? And now, we've got Haywire, Soderbergh's spy-on-the-run flick that, yes, is vaguely Bourne-esque. Also? A bit of a pickle.

See, I was rather excited for Haywire. I love Soderbergh, and I'm interested in whether or not he can turn MMA fighter Gina Carano into a bona fide action star. I'm thrilled with the fact that he picked an actual badass to play a badass. It's the type of art-reflecting-life concept he attempted with The Girfriend Experience, only hopefully not dreadfully boring. So I'm intrigued. The rest of the cast, Charming Potatoes aside, is pretty motherfucking stellar too: Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor, Bill Paxton, and Michael Fassbender. I mean, that's tough to beat.

Of course, the problem is... the trailer is a perfect example of a poorly edited trailer. The action and fighting looks goddamn amazing, and Carano looks like a stunning force of punching and kicking nature. That part looks phenomenal. The voiceover (yes, I know, I bitch about voiceovers a lot, but come on) is horrible. And they picked some pretty tacky lines to use as go-to lines. In short, it's a trailer that means that either Soderbergh directed a beautifully shot TNT Original Action Movie... or the trailer editor should be hung.

Anyway, I'm still psyched as hell to see this. I'm not an MMA fan, but I respect the hell out of their skillset and drive and dedication. And I'm interested to see how Carano makes the transition. I confess, she seems pretty wooden in the trailer, but I hope it works in the end, because it could be a nifty little action movie.

Check it out:

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