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By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 23, 2010 | Comments ()

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 23, 2010 |

One problem with advertising the film is that there's no clear cut off between part one and part two. All the marketing materials say "HP7" or "Harry Potter 7" which just makes me wonder if the last one is going to be numbered 8 out of 7, 7.5, or just "8nal Potter."

There's been debate online about where the cut off will be, terrifying debate by people with page numbers memorized, who can say things like "it'll cut after the part where they run through the forest" and be precisely understood by everyone involved. I like to think I have a decent memory and I did read the book when it came out, but I haven't retained anything like that sort of level of detail from the novels. They were very good, and there are many scenes that still stick with me, but the hell if I didn't have to look up on wikipedia just now what happened in the last novel between the Potter clone chase scene at the start and the battle royale at the end.

And that research has led me to the definitive, exclusive to Pajiba scoop on where the cut off point between the two films will be: half way.

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