Chris Rock Documentary on ... Hair

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 5, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 5, 2009 |


I'm way too goddamn white to offer much of an opinion on the trailer for Chris Rock's new documentary, Good Hair. It's about ... it's about female African-American hair. Weaves and straighteners and, I dunno, hair. About its socioeconomic role in African-American circles and ... hmmm. I love you, Chris Rock. But a documentary on hair? Really?

Maybe as a white guy who wears a baseball cap sixty-percent of my life, I just don't understand the cultural relevance. Still, has America really been clamoring for this documentary? Maybe it's a satirical documentary, a documentary that's really about just how ridiculous we have gotten about our documentary subjects. There are 25 documentaries on food, there are documentaries on the Iraq war, on consumer debt, on the year 2012, and yesterday, I even tried to watch a documentary about an Ivy league football game in 1968 (Harvard Beats Yale 29 - 29). I got bored and turned it off after 20 minutes. It seemed to be trying to frame the Yalies as stuck-up blue-bloods and the Harvard men as working-class heroes who bootstrapped their way into the college. Brother, please. Somebody stuck a wad of cash in those bootstraps. (Their goddamn law school wait-listed me, and I'm still bitter).

Anyway, here's the trailer, which looks equal parts funny and completely pointless. It is good to see Chris Rock, though. And it's got to be better than his feature movies.

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