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By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | May 7, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | May 7, 2009 |


A couple of months ago, we featured a promo trailer for Thomas Jane's Give 'em Hell, Malone. The promo trailer looked like an ultra-violent Beastie Boys video -- it was nothing but bullets and stylistic ultraviolence. It looked pretty fucking amazing.

Well, now Give 'em Hell, Malone, directed by Russell Mulcahy, is going to Cannes, which suggests that it's not only ultraviolent, but at least good enough to get into the film fest. And the new trailer suggests as much -- it's like Tarantino noir crossed with Dashiell Hammett, and it looks like Ving Rhames will finally get a role worthy of his talents again. And it's worth watching for the Johnny Cash, alone.

This is good stuff, folks. I want to go to there:

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