Giant Robots, People, Giant Fricking Robots: Final Pacific Rim Trailer

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Giant Robots, People, Giant Fricking Robots: Final Pacific Rim Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | July 9, 2013 | Comments ()


When I was ten years old if people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was “mecha pilot”. And they just didn’t understand, Will, they just didn’t understand. Guillermo del Toro? The man gets it deep down in his soul. Here’s the final trailer for Pacific Rim, which will be released this week and I’m pretty sure will bomb at the box office while proceeding to top every critic’s and ten year old’s top ten list of “Funnest Movies of the Year.”

This is a code red people, we have giant fricking robots fighting giant fricking monsters.

We have Charlie Day as a mad scientist. Why do I say he’s mad? Because he’s a scientist who builds giant fricking robots. He’s a twizzler and a cow away from Walter Bishop territory already.

We have Idris Elba auditioning for the big speech in Independence Day 2, with every lovely vowel of his natural accent. John Luther is cancelling the apocalypse you sots.

And there are also giant fricking robots. Including one using an entire container ship as a club. That is proper mashing your toys together on the back lawn logic right there.

I don’t know much in this crazy world, but I do know that my ten year old self would have cut off his own arm to see this movie in theaters. And by god, I’m letting him out this weekend.

For America. And baseball. And apple pie. And giant fricking robots.

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