First Four Minutes of Iron Sky

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | March 19, 2012 | Comments ()


Creating promotional materials for a film that doesn't exist in order to get
funding from a million people to make the proposed film sounds insane right up until the point that you consider the normal process, which is making the same promotional materials to try to convince a few people at a company to fund production of the film. At least this cuts out the middle man.

Iron Sky is based on the perfectly plausible hypothesis that the Nazis managed to launch a moon mission in 1945, creating a colony on the dark side of the moon with orders to wait until the time was right to return to the Earth in force. Naturally, the time corresponds to the moment when Americans decide to land another mission on the moon.

Here are the first four minutes of Iron Sky:

The first observation is that the CGI does look a bit off with regard to the American astronauts, although that's less important than the ship, moon, base, and Nazis all looking fantastic. The second observation is that the dialogue is just a tiny bit terrible, and only an "aw hell naw" away from outright Smithishness. The third observation is that I want to see this right now.

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