Finally, 'Species' for Pompous Film Nerds: 'Under the Skin' Trailer

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Finally, 'Species' for Pompous Film Nerds: 'Under the Skin' Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | February 12, 2014 | Comments ()


The movie ‘Under the Skin’ is being subjected to a barrage of Internet commentary pointing out that it’s basically just Species except gritty and serious. This would normally be the place where I say that was unfair and reach down into the depths of the trailer’s meaning to pull out themes that tie this story to a greater and more interesting purpose, that while it might reflect similar themes to any number of B-movies, that this is really a thoughtful and original take on something.

But then I watch this trailer:

And yeah, it’s totally just Species for the sort of people who are only capable of enjoying movies like Species ironically, probably while wearing oversized glasses and berets.

There’s more text in that trailer than I’m used to, and I read on average two or three books per week, so I’m comfortable with large quantities of reading. Of course most of the text in the trailer is just “this is the next Kubrick” handjobs, so that’s actually helpful since I don’t much like Kubrick and it helps me classify the work mentally. Yeah, I know, I’m smart and watch movies, so I’m probably supposed to like Kubrick and not liking him just put me in a certain camp for certain people. He’s like Terrence Malick for me that way. And they’re both like the James Joyces of film: smart people tell me that their works are brilliant and deep, but all I see is a tedious mishmash that exhausts me.

But Species jokes aside, I’d just like to point out that ‘alien roaming Scotland picking up hitchhikers’ could also serve as a summary for a goodly portion of episodes of ‘Doctor Who’. This TARDIS runs on blood.

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