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January 9, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | January 9, 2009 |

I think it absolutely sucks that, even in 2009, the number of parts for African-American actors is still minimal. There are only about six marquee black actors in Hollywood. Will Smith takes all the action/feel good flicks; Denzell takes the prestige flicks and the thrillers; Jamie Foxx takes their left-overs; Eddie Murphy takes all the awful big-budget comedy roles; Morgan Freeman gets all the parts where the black man helps the white protagonist (I can’t bring myself to use the Spike Lee term), and Don Cheadle is the black character actor. And oh yeah: Sam Jackson is the Nic Cage of black actors - he’ll take any goddamn script they give him (although, unlike Cage, he actually makes bad movies watchable).

I thought, perhaps, that there would be enough parts in mainstream studio films leftover for Terrence Howard to at least do a little character acting. Unfortunately, it’s beginning to look like Howard is going to fill the role vacated by Cuba Gooding, Jr. : Oscar caliber actor slumming it for paycheck roles. Gah. It’s too damn bad, too, because Howard was phenomenal in Hustle and Flow and the only silver-lining in the Crash shitstorm.

To that end, Howard stars in Fighting, opposite Channing Tatum, who has to be the most generic-looking white guy in Hollywood. Seriously, did they find him at a Glamour Shots studio in the mall? Fighting looks like Step Up, only with street-fighting moves instead of hip-hop movies. I’m assuming that Howard is going to refine those street moves by classically training him in the art of the sternum blow.

Don’t you just Love mixed-martial arts flicks starring white guys?

Here’s the trailer. *Sigh* Just listen to the narrator prattle off cliches. “Everyday was a struggle. To get by. Until ….

The State of Black Actressin' in Hollywood / Dustin Rowles

Trailers | January 9, 2009 |

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