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I Don't Know What The F*ck Just Happened, But I'm Interested

By TK | Trailers | December 20, 2010 | Comments ()


Well, this is likely to be at the very least interesting. Here's the trailer for the Australian film Exit, and I'm hard pressed to find out much about it. I don't know who the actors are, the minds behind it -- director Marek Polgar and writer Martyn Pedler -- aren't listed on IMDB, and I have no clue when it comes out. But it looks rather fascinating. Either that, or it's pretentious pablum. I'm not sure. The plot synopsis is certainly interesting:

Growing numbers of men and women believe that this city is a maze. They are leaving their jobs, their families, their entire lives behind. Every day, they walk the streets, opening doors. They are searching for a door they are convinced has been lost for thousands of years: the exit. What's behind it? Something else. Something new. Using a strange system of maps, symbols and measurements, one believer - Alice - now thinks she has found it.

EXIT teaser from Surface Tension Films on Vimeo.

What say you? Interesting? Navel-gazing nonsense? Somewhere in between?

Hell if I know.

(source: Twitch)

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