Epic Trailer: Otherwise Known As How Fatherhood Has Made A Mess Out Of Me

By TK | Trailers | November 21, 2012 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | November 21, 2012 |

Moving on.

In further news about fun looking movies, here's the trailer for Epic, about a teenaged girl who magically becomes quite wee and gets involved in a war for the fate of the forest she lives near. While it's leads, Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hutcherson, are not the most skilled of actors, the supporting cast is terrific, including Christoph Waltz, Colin Farrell, Jason Sudeikis, Aziz Ansari, Judah Friedlander. Of course, it also features the bizarre musical trifecta of Beyonce Knowles, Steven Tyler, and Pitbull, but hey. Strangely, I've literally never heard of this movie until I saw the trailer ten minutes ago.

The whole thing is actually quite impressive, visually-speaking, which is no big surprise when you consider that it's directed by Chris Wedge (Ice Age). It's got cute coming out of its ass, a plucky and smart female protagonist, and a nice little environmental message. In short, I wish my kid was older so I could take him to see it without feeling like the weird old dude in the theater.

Take a lookie:

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