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I Blame Quantum of Solace For This

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the first entry in 2009’s “Dumbest Title” contest… Echelon Conspiracy! Seriously, much as I enjoyed Quantum of Solace, I fear it paved the way for increasingly stupid movie titles.

In any event, from what I can tell, this is about some sort of all-knowing superbitch cell phone that’s part Enemy of the State superspy tech, and part stalkerish ex-girlfriend. Right. That sounds fantastic, no? But the best part is, it’s Hollywood taking on a film about new technology! And if there’s one thing that The Net or Hackers taught us, it’s that this is a genre that Hollywood is friggin’ aces at.

Oh, wait.

It’s directed by Greg Marcks, who is also responsible for the mediocre Memento ripoff 11:14. So that’s a good start. It stars Shane West, who played Tom Sawyer in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen… let us not speak of that. Also, some chick with a lot of cheekbone, and Ving Rhames, who I love but would star in a fucking maxi-pad commercial if you paid him enough.


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