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By Daniel Carlson | Trailers | February 17, 2009 |

You had a long weekend, the kind that was supposed to be restful but wound up being busy. And not the good kind of busy, where it’s all drink and sleep and get crazy; no you had a genuinely bad weekend. It’s cold and rainy, and you need to do laundry, and you just know that work is gonna suck this week. Am I right? Did I get close at all?

“Yes,” I can hear you saying through the tears. “Can you help me?”

I can. I can show you Shane West in a techno-thriller about a magical cell phone that can channel the NSA’s information and help you win at gambling and avoid death. I can show you Edward Burns as an FBI agent tracking him down. I can show you Ving Rhames doing something vaguely intimidating. I can show you Martin Sheen and Jonathan Pryce just cashing the checks. My friends, I can show you Echelon Conspiracy:


Shane West Makes His Acting Face

And I Make My Sad Face / Daniel Carlson

Trailers | February 17, 2009 | Comments ()

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