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Dude Took the Red Pill and the Blue Pill: NBC Releases Full Pilot of "Awake"

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | February 20, 2012 | Comments ()

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | February 20, 2012 |

awake-nbc-tv-show (1).jpg

We had the trailers for "Awake" up two weeks ago, and the first seven minutes of it up last week, so this week we naturally can post the entire pilot of the show. At this rate by the end of the year we will seven seasons and a movie up. But then we'll bury all of it in Pajiba Plus and start having Seth McFarlane do commercials for us, so it's lose-lose all around.

The basic structure of "Awake" is fantastic, something that looks more like a great science fiction novel than most television, even good television. Our protagonist is in a car crash, and from there he lives two lives. When he is asleep in one, he's awake in the other in which his wife died in the crash but his son survived. When he's asleep in the other, his son died but his wife survived.

The trailers haven't felt like they're for a television series, they've felt like the trailers for deep sci-fi indie films that get massive praise at film festivals and never get a broad release. I know that the modal outcome of this is something that looks good for a while but then ends up stretching the premise and playing delay games so that the show doesn't have to end just when it's making money ... but for now I'm suppressing the cynic and just looking forward to this.

Here's the first episode. I haven't watched it yet because it's the ass crack of dawn where I'm at, and I haven't even been allowed a cup of coffee yet, but I'm sure we'll get a review up at some point:

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