Oscar Wilde Will F*ck You Up

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 28, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 28, 2009 |


If there's one genre I usually cannot abide by, it's period pieces. Particularly British period pieces. All those costumes. And the manners. The fans. The doublespeak. And those goddamn poncey accents. Oh, bother.

But that may change if the trailer for Oliver Parker's Dorian Gray is a true indication of the movie's tone. The costumes are still there, of course. But it's dark and hedonistic and sinister and A-fucking-wicked. It may be the magic of trailer editing, but I kind of want to dig my teeth into this movie's shoulder and slap its ass. Seriously: The music for this trailer makes me want to go out and stomp puppies! Listen to it.

Let's do it, people. Let's do it. Let's stomp puppies! And then rip all our clothes off and writhe around naked in their carcasses!

All right, then. I've worked up a sweat. Thank you Oscar Wilde.

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