Do We Still Care About Woody Allen?

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Another year, another picture from Woody Allen. The sad thing is the fact that he makes films so consistently might be the best we can say about him these days. I recognize that he has made amazing films and he has a legacy that should be respected, but just look at this trailer for "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger:"

It's London this time; Woody seems to dig it these days. The part of the neurotic writer will be played by Josh Brolin. I think it's about the problems that rich white people have. I will say the music is jazzy, at least. Antonio Banderas is in there along with Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts and I think I saw Anna Friel from Pushing Daisies (she'll always be undead to me).
So tell me, kind readers, is Woody still relevant? Better question: Does he have a great film left in him? Discuss.

(via The AV Club)

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