Why Aren't Aliens Prettier?

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | June 10, 2009 | Comments ()


Here we go folks, another District 9 trailer, which gives me a touch of the fanboy-itis. The Neil Blomkampf directed, Peter Jackson produced film is about aliens who land on Earth and are basically kidnapped, put in internment camps, and kept from returning home, even though that's all they want to do. And the narrative is told in a documentary format.

The earlier trailer didn't show but a blurred glimpse of the alien, but this one gives an extended look. He's cute. But really: That's the thing that bugs me most about sci-fi's vision of aliens. They're supposedly higher life forms, perhaps more evolved than we are. Wouldn't you think they'd be ever more attractive than us, and not disgusting big-headed creatures? Wouldn't you imagine in a real alien world, Ryan Reynolds and Christina Hendricks would be the unattractive people? That's why we hate aliens in films. They're ugly. It's just alieniophobia. We really have to get over that as a planet. Obama: Look into it.

Other than that, it looks like as solid a sci-fi film as we're going to see this year post-Star Trek.

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