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A Thoughtful Sci-Fi Film? Who Could Imagine?

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | May 1, 2009 | Comments ()


I don't usually like sci-fi films all that much, mostly because sci-fi directors -- like Michael Bay -- aren't all that interested in nuance or story. They just want to unleash aliens that eat people. Aliens probably aren't bad folks, you know. They're probably just like us, only not as fat.

District 9 looks like the kind of sci-fi flick I could love. It comes from South African director Neill Blomkamp, and it's being produced by Peter Jackson. It's been a top-secret project for a while -- many thought it was actually a cover for a Halo adaptation. It's not. It's about these internment camps in Africa, where the world government hides away the aliens. A biologist, however, apparently gains some insight and become sympathetic to their cause.

Sort of a weird, but compelling trailer: It's framed like a documentary and the one alien shows in the trailer has its face blurred out. I like the idea. I think District 9 may just be a fairly thoughtful sci-fi film, probably one rife with cultural and political messages, which probably means no one will ever see it.

Check out the trailer over on Apple.

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