"Dexter" Finds Religion: Season Six Teaser

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | July 20, 2011 |


"Dexter" is gradually running out of places to go. There are two fundamental conclusions which the show can come to. Either Dexter stops killing or doesn't. Stopping killing happens through death, prison, or Dexter deciding to stop. The problem though is that Dexter continuing to kill after the show ends, presumably with the trademark sly grin at the camera and an implied bloodily ever after, or stopping killing simply because he's caught or dies, are contingent on the main character not evolving any further than he already has. The only permutation that relies on Dexter evolving as a character is the one in which he ceases to kill. The problem is of course that such an evolution cannot occur until the show's ending is nigh.

"Dexter" has been entertaining as a show, but I don't feel that Dexter as a character has really evolved and changed in any substantial sense in several seasons, despite some fantastic guest characters and plot twists. This teaser for season six tosses out an interesting development, Dexter finding religion:

Ok, so maybe they'll ditch the angle a couple episodes in, or maybe it will be disastrous. But I have two thoughts. First, how much did that stone angel at the end remind you of Doctor Who? Second, whatever poor priest has to take Dexter's first confession is going to need some therapy.

(source: SlashFilm)

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