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February 25, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | February 25, 2009 |

Have you seen The Descent? It was tight. It was terrifying. And it was awesome. It’s easily in this decade’s top five horror films. Unlike the regurgitated remakes, the diluted sequels, and the torture porn that’s dominated this decade, The Descent actually had something called “suspense,” (look it up, Eli). It will also scare the holy unfuck out of you.

Of course, seeing as how it was a good movie (even one that wasn’t particularly commercially successful), a sequel was inevitable. Neil Marshall, who wrote and directed the original, did not return, but he is producing, which means he gets to collect a paycheck for attaching his name to an inferior sequel. It comes from Jon Harris, who edited The Descent, and a trio of writers with little to speak of on their resume. And, if that weren’t enough to dampen your enthusiasm, here’s the trailer. It looks like the lone survivor of the first film (whose survival was ambiguous, at best) has gone crazy. She’s nevertheless asked to go with a crew of folks back down into the cave to find the bodies of the six missing women from the first movie. Bad things happen.


Hey-O! Descent 2 Trailer Underneath / Dustin Rowles

Trailers | February 25, 2009 |

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