'Day of the Doctor' Clip: 10+11=Nifty, it's Math

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'Day of the Doctor' Clip: 10+11=Nifty, it's Math

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | November 18, 2013 | Comments ()


I have been less than a fan of the Matt Smith years of Doctor Who, and have been so publicly in both text and on one memorable occasion, a podcast. Very exciting. As I’ve said, Steven Moffat has been responsible for some of the most fantastic and emotionally gut punching moments of Doctor Who. But he has also been responsible for the Matt Smith years of hollow emotion in which we’re told something dramatic is going to happen, fancy words and dramatic music swell, and then we’re moving on before anyone notices that the emotional moment was not in fact earned by any plot. It’s felt cheap and manipulative.

Of course the worst offender in this (The Wedding of River Song) was followed by a quite wonderful Christmas episode, mostly because it was forced to jettison the big Doctor stuff in order to deal narrowly with the story of a family. There was some dust in my eyes near the end. Except for when my mind kept demanding where the rest of the crew of the bomber was, and why didn’t they get to go to their families? See, classic Moffat. Gets your heart so riled up, your brain’s having an aneurysm over in the corner.

But it’s a testament to how much I really want to like this show, that I not only keep watching the bloody thing, but get terribly excited whenever new clips and such come out. So this clip is lovely. Plus it has Tennant, which is also a lovely thing.

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