Crazy-Sh*t, Basket-Case Cage Drives Angry, Motherf**kers

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | October 15, 2010 | Comments ()


As much as I dislike 80 percent of the 17 annual movies that Nic Cage makes, when he does decide to do basket-case crazy-shit Cage (see Bad Lieutenant for a recent example), there's hardly anyone that does it better. Here, he not-the-beeees the hell out of the scenery, drives fast, and shoots shit. He's paired with the perfect director in Patrick Lussier, who gave us the spectacularly dumb fun flick of 2009, My Bloody Valentine 3D. Amber Heard co-stars, along with William Fichtner, who can do sadistic crazy pretty goddamn well, too.

Make no mistake: Drive Angry is going to be a terrible goddamn movie, but it's the good kind of terrible.

Here's the full movie poster, compliments of Shock Til You Drop.


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