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It Was a Dark and Stormy Nightmare

Animation for Adults / Dustin Rowles

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Weird. How many people realized that Tim Burton didn’t actually direct Nightmare Before Christmas? That should probably be obvious to me, but for some reason, it never registered that Henry Selick was the actual director, he who was also responsible for the not-so-good Monkeybone.

Anyway, Selick directed and adapted Coraline, from Neil Gaiman’s book about a young girl who walks through a secret door in her home and discovers an alternate version of her life (full of buttons). The trailer — which looks brilliant, amazing, fun — has the same style and appeal as Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s animation for big kids — a little sinister, a little fantastical, and a lot eye-popping. Dakota Fanning provides the voice for the title character, and Al Swearingen is Mr. Bobinski, who doesn’t appear to have made the cut in the trailer. Hopefully that’s because of all the profanities he expels.

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