Classy Girls Don't Kiss in Bars, You Fool

By Willis Reynolds | Trailers | October 16, 2010 | Comments ()

By Willis Reynolds | Trailers | October 16, 2010 |


If you like any of the following things, then you will like this news, I guarantee it:

  • Any shows on the channel formerly known as SciFi including, but not limited to, BSG, Smallville, Sanctuary, and Stargate Universe.
  • Independently produced web series.
  • Attractive women (and presumably men) dressed in Steampunkish leather and brass.

What does this mean, you ask? SyFy has announced they will be streaming the web series Riese on its website, with the first episode releasing on October 26th. Here's a couple of new trailers to go along with the announcement,

The chapter 2 trailer is a little more exciting due to some action

(Ksite TV)

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