Chris Hemsworth Is A Gorgeous, Glorious Dummy In 'Ghostbusters'

By Kristy Puchko | Trailers | April 27, 2016 | Comments ()

By Kristy Puchko | Trailers | April 27, 2016 |


You know him for playing a brawny god in Thor and The Avengers. Or maybe as the stern turned spirited warrior of Snow White and The Huntsman: Winter’s War. But despite his muscles and movie star good looks, Chris Hemsworth is not made for action epics. He’s clearly meant for comedy, being at his absolute best when being a total goofball.

Need proof? I offer you this Ghostbusters featurette about the very handsome and very, very, very dumb receptionist Kevin, who is alternately described by the cast as “a big dumb puppy dog” or a “Ken doll with the insides scooped out.”

That literally coffee gag. His headshots. The glasses-less glasses.


Ghostbusters opens July 15th.

Kristy Puchko has been laughing at that coffee gag for hours now.

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