Catch .44 Trailer: You're Brain Dead, You Got A F*ckin' Bullet In Your Head

By TK | Trailers | November 15, 2011 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | November 15, 2011 |


I don't know what the hell happened here. Catch .44, the first major release from writer/director Aaron Harvey (whose only previous credit was The Evil Woods), has some fascinating talent rattling around it. Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker (using an atrocious accent), Malin Ackerman, Nikki Reed, Michael Rosenbaum (aka the only decent actor in "Smallville"), and "True Blood" actress Deborah Ann Woll. It's a caper flick, and I loves me a good caper flick.

It looks fucking terrible. It's a pile of noir cliches slapped together with expired rubber cement and held together with frayed bits of Pulp Fiction posters. It's premiering on December 9th in about four theaters nationwide before it's DVD release on... December 20th. Yeah. Just in time for Christmas.

If someone gave me this DVD for Christmas I'd use the disc to slice their throat open.

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