Miles Teller Finally Found the Perfect Use for His Punchable Face

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 5, 2016 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 5, 2016 |


While recognizing that Miles Teller is probably the world’s biggest douchebag, I nevertheless have a weakness for the guy. It’s Vince Vaughn syndrome: Fast-talking wiseacres are my kryptonite (also, apparently, Cameron Crowe).

Still, I have zero problems believing that this anecdote that TK passed along isn’t about the real Miles Teller, in light of the movie he’s set to star in:

There’s this meathead that goes to my gym who looks exactly like Miles Teller. He’s one of those grunting jerkoffs who likes to loudly dump his weights on the ground so everyone will look over and brah, see how much he’s killing it, brah. I hate him.

And now there’s this. I’m not 100% sure that maybe that guy isn’t *actually* Miles Teller, and he’s just been training for this movie at the Foxboro YMCA.

You know that even if it isn’t Miles Teller in TK’s gym, the actual Miles Teller is no doubt doing that in somebody’s gym, which is why Miles Teller starring in a boxing movie about Vinny Paz is so perfect for the actor with the world’s most punchable face. Now, we’ll finally get to see it punched repeatedly, and there’s even a chance that it might result in a permanent neck injury (spoilers: It does not).

P.S. You wouldn’t think that Miles Tellers’ face could be any more punchable, but that horrible wispy mustache puts it into Ted Cruz punchable territory.

P.S.S. Still love him as an actor. I can’t help myself.

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