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By Brian Prisco | Trailers | January 27, 2010 | Comments ()

By Brian Prisco | Trailers | January 27, 2010 |

But holy fuck me with a Tonka truck. Look at the video below. Do you know what the scariest part of the entire thing is about the trailer for Big Time Rustlas, the Insane Klown Posse western?

Not the fact that it's a western with face-painted clowns rolling around skrilla-in' with their faux ghetto-squalling. Not the fact that the script was obviously modelled on "Deadwood" -- what with every other "cocksucker" replaced with the phrase: "Mothafuckin' Mon-ay!" Not the wrestling moves, not the fact that both the villain and the hero apparently both have painted faces. Not even the fact that entire thing looks like it was shot on a porno set.

Nope. The scariest part?

This. Is. Their. SECOND. Film.

See you back in PA, friends.

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