I Don't Know How Much More Of This I Can Take: Beautiful Boy Trailer, Starring Michael Sheen & Maria Bello

By TK Burton | Trailers | May 17, 2011 | Comments ()

By TK Burton | Trailers | May 17, 2011 |


Another week, another heartbreaking film about parents coping with school shootings. Yeah, I'm a real pick-me-up, ain't I.

Here's the trailer for Beautiful Boy, the story of two parents (Maria Bello and Michael Sheen) who deal with the horrific aftermath of their son's (Kyle Gallner -- Beaver from "Veronica Mars") mass murder spree at a local university. It doesn't look quite as unrelentingly bleak as Tilda Swinton's We Need To Talk About Kevin (click here), but it's hardly a goddamn picnic, either.

Here's the trailer:

Added bonus points for the use of I Like Trains' "Sea Of Regrets" in the trailer -- I'm all for letting people know that there's more to post-rock than Explosions In The Sky.

The cast is phenomenally eclectic, I must say (it also co-stars Alan Tudyk, Moon Bloodgood and Meatloaf). It's written and directed by Shawn Ku, whose resume is pretty small and consists of a surprising amount of choreography work. But it apparently did incredibly well in its screening at TIFF, and it looks like a winner.

Just don't watch these two back-to-back.


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