The Sun's Gone Dim And We Are Screwed

By TK | Trailers | January 12, 2011 | Comments ()


Now this is how you make a fucking trailer.

God damn. Here's the third trailer for Battle: Los Angeles, directed by Jonathan Liebesman and starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena and Bridget Moynahan. I've had reservations about this film, described as Blackhawk Down with aliens, for some time now. The last trailer was good, but not great. It played for that wordless effect, and it just didn't hit me.

This one, however, is the fucking balls. It has a quiet, slice-of-life opening and then when the trouble hits, it's actually genuinely affecting. Concluding it with Johann Johannsson's "The Sun's Gone Dim And The Sky's Turned Black" is pretty brilliant too. The rare trailer that actually has some emotional resonance.

I gotta say, it worked for me. I'm now officially interested, even if Liebesman did also direct Darkness Falls.

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