Based Only On The Trailers, Which of These 4 Movies Movies Are You Most Likely To See?

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Based Only On The Trailers, Which Of These 4 Movies Are You Most Likely To See?

By Jodi Clager | Trailers | March 27, 2013 | Comments ()


What can I say? It's a week full of trailers.

The Great Gatsby

(Screen Rant)

Wish You Were Here

(The Playlist)

Vehicle 19

(Screen Rant)

White House Down

(The Playlist)

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    Two and three I could barely finish, four looks like the trailer will be more intriguing and well-done than the actual movie - the first bit of it there was vaguely interesting, before it started down the standard action flick road.

  • PuraPuma

    Everyone in Wish You Were Here looks the same to me. I can't figure that trailer out. I do want to see The Great Gatsby.

  • gordo

    How have I never noticed that Channing Tatum is the Britta's boyfriend to tiny nipples?

  • blacksred

    Spoiler Alert - White House Down looks like a remake of Olympus Has Fallen. Hollywood is getting a little quick with the remakes!

  • TheReinaG

    Didn't White House Down already come out this year and wasn't it called Olympus has Fallen?

  • blacksred

    yes. I Saw Olympus Has Fallen on Sunday and I come here and see this trailer and said wait a minute did I just have a case of movie deja vu

  • AudioSuede

    I want The Great Gatsby to die in a fire. Baz Luhrmann has now soiled Shakespeare and F. Scott Fitzgerald. By god, if he ever tries to direct something by Kurt Vonnegut, I might have to buy a pickaxe, dig a tunnel to his house, build a rocket under it, and launch it into outer space.

  • Maguita NYC

    Think I'm coming down with some kind of virus... Charming Potato is looking HOT?!!!

    Yep, I've got fever.

  • BlackRabbit

    I'd rather have a Potato Famine.

  • Maguita NYC

    So said the Irish...

  • SnowMan

    "Wish You Were Here": two words: Joel Edgerton. Ever since "Warrior," he's been one of my biggest Hollywood man crushes. Any other actor in that trailer, and I'm not remotely intrigued.
    Then again, Teresa Palmer and that accent are very, very appealing as well.

    "Vehicle 19": I can't help it, I love me a good "wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time" movie. And say what you want about Paul Walker's acting abilities, quite a few of his movies have at least reached "guilty pleasure" status with me (Fast & Furious flicks; Running Scared; Takers...)

  • TheOriginalMRod

    There's an awful lot of man-nipple on Pajiba today... kind of interesting along with the post about Hamm's ... well ... you know...

    Is it just the full moon or is something going on here?

    And, I will probably not be seeing any of those movies, just to get back to the subject.

  • Maguita NYC

    To complete your set, a full moon.

  • BWeaves

    The Great Gatsby does not interest me at all. The first movie bored me to tears. This one is going to assault my eyeballs while boring me to tears, in THREE- DEE.

  • tangocharlie

    I just learned Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer are Australian. How did I not know this? I'll be watching Wish You Were Here and White House Down, but for very different reasons.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Does anybody else think the Roland Emmerich gets off destroying the White House in his movies?

  • BendinIntheWind

    Somehow I think if I just keep pretending The Great Gatsby doesn't, exist it will go away. I can't remember ever being so annoyed by a movie solely based on the trailers.

  • DataAngel

    I like the Bazziness, I like Carrie Mulligan, I like The Great Gatsby. But I really cannot stand Leo DiCaprio. I know that's an unpopular opinion, but no. I can't do it. I can't sit through this movie because his gigantic face will just be up there being all face-y and weird and... no. I'm just gonna go watch the Robert Redford one. Because Redford.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Second. Also all the effort. Oh the colossal amounts of effort. I've never seen a man Act as much as poor Leo.

  • toblerone

    1. No.
    2. No.
    3. No.
    4. No.

  • PerpetualIntern

    I'm not a fan of the Baz Lurhmanniness of The Great Gatsby, but it's my favorite book of all time so I'll probably see it. I do love Carrie Mulligan as Daisy, from what I've seen in the trailers.

  • Slim

    I think the Lurhmanniness and the Gatsby story go very well together. Excess and emptiness. Perception v. reality. His style is an acquired taste, that's true, but the themes are right up his alley. I think Scott Fitzgerald would dig it. And I am pretty damn excited about it.

  • Here here! It's all about the glitz and glamour and surface of it all, with just more glittering mirror fragments where any true depth should be - ie, they're perfect for each other and I can't wait to see it. All I hope is that they find a way to use that fantastic art deco font and framing everywhere they can.

  • Natallica

    I'm also on the fence about Luhrmann. His kitsch antics work well sometimes, but I don't know if they're well fit to a story like The Great Gatsby. But I love DiCaprio, so maybe I'll see it anyway

  • kilmo

    "White House Down" clearly, because lean Channing Tatum is the best Channing Tatum. Also, a bespectacled Jamie Foxx is yummy! Never thought I would say/think that.

    "Vehicle 19" looks like a Statham movie. And if Statham rejected it, that makes it a MUST SEE!!!!!!!

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Paul Walker doesn't have legs, does he? That's why all the car movies-- at some point after the first Fast and the Furious movie, he must've been in a horrific accident and had them amputated, but for some reason kept it a secret. Now, when he's in movies, doing scenes where he's walking with normal legs requires expensive CGI, so he just sticks to car movies.

    "But what about premieres?" you say. And I ask, has he ever shown up to a premiere in shorts? He could be walking on prosthetics and we'd never know it.

  • Robert

    The Great Gatsby because it's The Great Gatsby.

  • Fredo

    None of them. But that's OK. I'm sure there's an alternate universe where The Great Gatsby is about to be released, starring Channing Tatum as Gatsby and Paul Walker as Tom Buchanan while Leo Di Caprio has no choice but to take White House Down and hope it revives his action movie career after his failures with John Carter and Jack Reacher.

  • Wish You Were Here because that trailer at least gave me some idea what was going on, and didn't involve Paul Walker in a car.

  • Buck Forty

    I've actually seen it already and the trailer doesn't quite capture it. It's a good film, worth a watch, although I kinda figured 'it' out (but not exactly) halfway thru.

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