Based On The Stars And Trailers, Which Of These Movies Will Get Your Money?

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Based On The Stars And Trailers, Which Of These Movies Will Get Your Money?

By Jodi Clager | Trailers | January 22, 2013 | Comments ()


Dennis Quaid, Zac Efron, Heather Graham and Kim Dickens in At Any Price:

Eric Wareheim, Marilyn Manson, Mark Burnham, Ray Wise, Steve Little, Jon LaJoie, and Grace Zariskie in Wrong Cops:

Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode in Stoker:

Every damn body in Movie 43's red band trailer:

Me? I'm saving up for a pony.

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  • John W

    Stoker. Now that's how you do a trailer.

  • googergieger

    Seriously who the eff is going to see Stoker for the people in it? Park Chan mother flipping Wook doing his American debut should make everyone on Pajiba rock hard.

    *puts table up right*

    *flips it over again*

  • googergieger


    *flips table over*

    Hurry up already movies! Bring that mother flipping movie to town already! Going to win all of the awards and love or else I'm going to mother flipping lose it.

  • Quatermain

    Wrong Cops looked funny, in a catch it on Netflix kind of way. The rest of them, eh.

  • Rooks

    It's so odd to say that, of the three latter trailers, the one for the movie that effin Park Chan-wook directed one makes most sense in comparison.

  • MiaM

    Zac Efron!

  • Trust me when I say you want to avoid At Any Price at any price, as it were. A complete disaster of a film made by people who think very low of audiences. It was actually the worst film I saw at TIFF last year.

  • Carrie/Teabelly

    I'm hoping everything about Movie 43 is a lie, and that when people go and see it none of the actors in the trailers are actually in it, and it's something completely different. Only then will it make sense to me.

  • Pinky McLadybits

    I think some of the actors hope that as well, from what I've read...

  • Robert

    "Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode in Stoker"

    And Jackie Weaver. Never forget Jackie Weaver. Any US film with Jackie Weaver bumps up to the must-see list. Australia hoarded her talents long enough.

  • Dennis Quaid, Zac Efron, Heather Graham = box office failure cubed. The only thing that could make this lineup worse is if Christian Slater was in it.

  • Luke Anthony Matthews

    Efron at least surprises me with his movie choices now, he doesn't appear to be taking the easy route at least.

  • TheOtherGreg


  • lowercase_ryan

    This is the second or third trailer I've seen for Stoker and the other two were totally different. I'm always suspicious of movies that cut completely different trailers.

  • Lovely Bones

    As a Chan-wook Park film, I'm sure it's just that the trailer editor is struggling to summarize the film with a trailer and is experimenting. Or at least I'd like it to be. God, I cannot wait for Stoker.

  • lowercase_ryan

    then again, Wrong Cops has Taco in it...

  • Groundloop

    I'm not sure if Taco (and Ray Fucking Wise) counterbalance Marilyn Manson enough for me to give it a shot, but if Mr. McGibblets was in it I'd drag all my friends to the premiere and spring for the big bucket of popcorn.

  • lowercase_ryan

    ok so you know when you watch a youtube video and after it's done there are all the other "related" videos on the screen you can pick? Well I'm fascinated with those. Anyways I happened to click on a trailer for "Small Apartments" and it looks better than anything up there ^^^^.

  • theotherone


  • mairimba

    Stoker and Movie 43 on DVD. Wrong cops when it hits instant, maybe. And I'll just look up stills of Efron online.

  • carrie


  • The Other Agent Johnson

    Stoker. Only one "r". Stroker is... um... a different kind of movie.

  • Fredo

    Can anyone explain to me what the point of Movie 43 is?? It's like someone is remaking the Kentucky Fried Movie but with bigger names.

  • mats19

    I've seen every trailer read articles on it and STILL can't figure out what the whole point of the movie is.

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