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Finally a Crappy Version of Bridesmaids: Bachelorette Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | July 23, 2012 | Comments ()


Oh fantastic, that wave of raunchy women's comedies inspired by Bridesmaids is rolling in chunks up onto the shore at last. Bachelorette distinguishes itself by having a decent cast (Lizzy Caplan, Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Adam Scott) in full paycheck collection mode. Here's the plot summary:

On the night before an old friend's wedding, three frisky bridesmaids go searching for a little fun but find much more than they bargained for. With lovely Becky (Rebel Wilson) set to marry her handsome sweetheart, Dale (Hayes MacArthur), the remaining members of her high school clique reunite for one last bachelorette bacchanal in the Big Apple. Regan (Kirsten Dunst) is an overachieving, ueber-Maid of Honor who's secretly smarting over the fact that she's not the first to marry, while Gena (Lizzy Caplan) is a whip-smart sarcastic who's actually a closet romantic, and Katie (Isla Fisher) is a ditzy beauty who loves the good life. But when Becky insists on keeping the bachelorette party tame, the women proceed with an after-hours celebration of their own.

Let's translate the following character descriptions:

"lovely" - yep, that's that fat one.

"handsome" - that's the bland guy whose face I never noticed because James Marsden was in every scene with him.

"overachieving" - the only character who will have a scene demonstrating she has a job to provide the implausible living standard of a twenty-something New Yorker.

"whip-smart sarcastic" - the asshole brunette

"closet romantic" - the one who will sleep with Adam Scott by the end

"ditzy beauty" - the moron

Here's the trailer:

Who the hell gave Adam Scott a Republican haircut? That's like cutting Samson's hair you harpies.

But that barberific complaint aside, judging by the trailer at least, this movie looks like it's Whitney Cummings and a laugh track away from being something people I don't like watch after "2.5 Men". The problem isn't simply that every character in the trailer appears to be an utter asshole; most of my treasured entertainment is based on assholes of some sort. The problem is that it mistakes cruelty for edginess and expects the audience to sympathize with the characters anyway.

Tear the bride's wedding dress in half because two of these skinny bitches try to squeeze into at once, laughing all the way? Unless the punchline is cribbed from the Red Wedding, I'm not rolling on the floor.

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  • bert

    Watch Full Movie at:\Q7omAW

  • Mrs. Beasley

    Oh Isla Fisher, I love you so. Please just once be in a good movie. I can only see Wedding Crashers so many times. Although I do love Hot Rod. Don't judge me, that movie's cool beans. I can't stand Rebel Wilson though. She annoyed me so very much in Bridesmaids. Look though, she's fat, and TWO whole skinny girls fit in her dress, and it's so super funny right? She's SO fat- hilarious! That's all the jokes we need people! The jokes write themselves.

  • maxpurr

    love what you wrote....but lizzy and adam....sooner or later, i gotta watch this

  • I watched about a minute before I got pissed off and closed it. What the shit? Adam Scott deserves better than this.

  • sailboat

    but but, Lizzy Caplan :(

  • stardust

    Once, just once, I'd like to see Lizzy Caplan in a role that's not the sarcastic wild-child.

  • Groundloop

    Well done Hollywood. You've achieved what I'd thought impossible. You've made a movie starring Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher that I don't want to see.


  • Kip Hackman

    In a perverse way, it's kind of impressive. Feels like a huge achievement for mediocrity.

  • hapl0

    Hangover for the ladies under the guise of Bridesmaids?

  • Jessica Lora Haight-Angelo

    Apparently, women are only allowed to be funny once. Take note, Hollywood! More Jennifer Aniston pregnancy woes flicks and Adam Sandler ruminating on how great it is to be Adam Sandler, stat!

  • Xtacle Steve

    Nick Swardson's gotta eat!

  • Rocabarra

    1.) Rebel Wilson is going to be a big name pretty soon, why not list her as a headliner too?
    2.) Cruel fat jokes aside, I for one am glad to see that it's the 'fat girl' who's getting married instead of just being the token fat girl in the entourage.
    3.) Steven your decoding of the keywords is bang-on.

  • Arran

    For what it's worth, Rebel Wilson was a last-minute replacement for Casey Wilson (no relation) so I'm hoping they didn't decide to throw in a bunch of fat jokes just because they had a big girl playing the part. The wedding dress bit from the trailer does not fill me with hope.

  • Atoz15

    Honestly ppl prbly think Casey Wilson is big in this town. Which is a joke but Awww I wish Casey was in this movie...and (different) Casey and Henry reunion!

  • Sassafrass Green

    Yeah, this was a play before it was a movie and it's supposed to be very dark and actually pretty funny. I think the Bridesmaids angle comes more from the marketing department than the movie itself.

  • Will Holston

    A quick Google search shows me that the budget of this movie was 3 million dollars, but you're probably right: the stars of Spiderman 3, Rango, and Superman Returns consider 100,000 dollars to be really cashing in.

  • Kala


    *Snuggles Bridesmaids DVD*

  • Arran

    I dunno, from what I've read about this movie I believe the trailer is misleading. They're obviously TRYING to make it look like Bridesmaids, but apparently it's actually quite dark.

    Also, Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan TOGETHER AGAIN. C'mon now.

  • space_oddity

    Yeah, I don't really care what the context, I'd watch Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan just to get a whiff of the funk that was Party Down.

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